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Peter Vulk, a man of science, meets a certain Mr. Selcuri. Selcuri, a rather interesting and in a way mysterious individual, explained to Vulk that the image of the reality which surrounds us, the one we receive through our senses, is incomplete. What we perceive is only a part of the real picture, which, for some reason, we are unable to comprehend in its entirety. If it weren’t for some specific details, Vulk would have now thought that the man had certain issues. But the details were there, one of them was the magazine in Selcuri’s bag. It was the magazine with Vulk’s article, the one that Selcuri previously showed to bewildered Vulk. This detail obliged Vulk to take Selcuri seriously. Someone might say: “But what’s strange about that, a man got a magazine!?” The point, however, is that the issue being spoken about has not been published yet! Vulk just started writing the article.

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