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A sci-fi adventure for readers with a healthy suspicion of authority. Mars Encounter offers the reader an exciting trip into the lives of the first Earth colonists to Mars. Set in modern times it tells of a secretive organisation which not only knows if there is alien life on Mars, but lives amongst them.Politicians lie, truths are covered up and people die, facts Justin had to live with, he always new he wasn’t like the other kids in Brixton. He wanted out of gangs and was determined to use his brain to do it. Justin had no idea though just how far his brain would take him.Yelps however always knew where he was heading, straight to a war he didn’t understand, what else was there for a US Marine. But even he was surprised to learn which war he would be destined to fight in.Mars Encounter tells the story of those who live in the shadows, who protect the lies others are determined find the truth of and the question of in the brotherhood of creation who can be trusted and who is out for themselves.

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