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When his company makes a possibly “Mars Shattering” discovery, it is up to Adam Dekker, CEO and magic-using Shaymin, to find out more. Gathering experts from across the galaxy, including the woman he’s determined to marry, he must launch a top secret research expedition. When “accidents” start happening it soon becomes apparent that at least one of his rival corporations is trying to prevent his expedition, using any means, from sabotage to attempted murder, to do so. Tabitha Shade came to Mars for a job. Personally, she hated Mars and all its inevitable problems, but this job offered top secret intrigue with a lot of pay. She expected to use her powerful magical and shape-shifting abilities… But she didn’t count on dealing with vampyr, aliens, or coming into her grimalkin Heat… and her resulting attraction to Dekker, a man who wanted to take away her freedom. What no one knows is that their discovery will change Mars forever.

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