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Pirates, politics, police, and plots!Meet William Drew Faro the 4th -- a human from Khareton's TriGrace Academy -- and Trikura Dai -- a rock-chewing, space-faring Chenri who is definitely not of this world!Now imagine a star-spanning civilization where information is bought, sold, and bartered, where scary dimensional folds allow hyperflight between stars, and where a young Terran student information broker has been given the OK to "go farshloggin" -- to take up the path that will permit him to "walk Osara" with the Chenri, the canniest info-brokers of all.He's willing. He faces pirates, politics, police, and plots. All he has to do is survive. . .In Master Walk, award-winning science fiction authors Sharon Lee and Steve Miller bring a new YA universe to life. Introducing The Advocacy, a rough-and-tumble civilization that has a mix of sentient races and a lot to learn.

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