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Heb Dunn is sitting in his living-room, when he feels that something is wrong. Standing up, and carefully moving some plants by the window he looks out. What he sees made him shout out, Esther come and look at this. His wife Esther removes a couple of the plants to be sure Herb isn't going to push them down to the floor. Okay Herb, what are we looking at? Can't you see it? The burning flame over there by those bushes. Oh yes Herb! I can see the flame burning. Will it set the air on fire? I don't know but I'm calling the police and the fire chief. It didn't take long foe them to come out to Herbs property Where is the fire you called us about. Let's go out there, and I'll put your nose right in the fire. Answered Herb. Seeing the flame burning just above the grass, and although the wind was blowing the flame stood there. It kept on growing, although slowly, it was growing. By now it was a ball of fire. The police chief Smart. closed of the entire area for the public, and nobody could come within hundred feet of the flame. When the news came out that the Dunn property was on fire, lots of people came to see what was happening. Suddenly they could see someone coming out of the now large flame hovering just above the grass. An old man, pulling out a dragon that was pulling a gypsy type of wagon on four wheels. Pen don't be afraid. These are nice people. It took some time before This dragon Pen believed Merlin, but he slowly came out of the fire-ball. This was only the start of what happened at the Dunn's property, an old man with a talking dragon, what else could come out of the flame?

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