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In the not so distant future, entertainment game shows will devolve into savage gladiatorial matches where elimination of any kind means a painful death. Television networks have given in to the rising demands of their audience to produce more shocking material. People have gradually lost interest in reality game shows featuring overly dramatic stereotypes, their appetites for such amusing leisure turned sour. No-holds-barred fighting shows, pitting the strength of one man against another, have become the most watched programs. Slowly, over time, the popularity of these shows began to influence the rest of the market. Soon all shows incorporated physical feats into their concepts until even the most brainless programs contained some element of peril. It was only a matter of time before the violence factor got out of hand. By that time it was too late. There was no going back. The mob of a crumbling, unprincipled society gathers around the television, or crowds into the arena, to witness spectacles of blood. The games change, but the stakes remain the same. Winning contestants are awarded luxurious prizes that will set them apart from everyone they have ever known. However, losing contestants are doomed to a death that best suits the spectators’ enjoyment. Almost no one survives the dark and bloody grounds on which the Metal Fist games take place. Metal Fist is The Hunger Games without the silver lining. Many will fight; most will meet a brutal end.

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