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Have you ever had a tape or CD stuck in a player and had trouble getting it out? Well, the author had that happen. I didn't worry because I like 80's music, so I let it play. It became a problem when the music stopped and a voice started. Yes, I did check to see if I had other problems, and NO I was not hearing things like the radio. I went at the stupid thing with a screwdriver and almost got impaled for the effort. So I started listening and writing things down when they got interesting. Apparently things like Werewolves do exist, along with a whole list of were creatures, but those are not the ones to worry about. See, the person on the tape wanted to tell everyone that there is an impending war we need to get ready for. There are REAL Vampires in our midst. Apparently, they are busy walking around as doctors, lawyers, politicians, dentists, some soldiers, morticians, medical examiners; you name it, all in preparation for a war. The war is between two mystic races - Dragons and Vampires! Get ready friends!

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