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Explorers encounter monsters from beyond reality that have been buried away, carrying out strange hauntings and other disturbances ... New York private eye John Eisenberg investigates a colossal ancient mansion, once a Transylvanian castle, built far differently than anything he has ever encountered, and is engrossed with it and exploring it, especially after the discovery of an ancient treasure map, and explores strange hauntings and occurrences, and legends, trying to solve what actually is there, encountering unexplained occurrences everywhere, and encounters strange unidentified extraordinary ghostly energy formations ... Deep space interdimensional extraterrestrials in another universe pick up an SOS message from this world! What they do not realize is how different this universe is and when their IE messenger materializes it is shot down by a military weapon! One night the interdimensional UFO comes crashing down in a forest and the strange interdimensional extraterrestrial entity just manages to survive the impact and alters its form to this world and universe, and it creeps out into the dark world and forest, and hides in one of the strangest places. Scientists and the military try to find what escaped from the crash and where it went and officials at NASA are brought in, and admit a military space weapon system shot it out the sky on its appearance over the world ... Newspapers and legends, over centuries, give unexplained mind-bending tales and discoveries and of the remains of travelers found in woods at a castle, and of them being attacked by magical forces! People forced to stay at the haunted castle are fanatical with getting lost treasure hidden away there, which they believe has been left there by the last owner, and they explore the colossal castle and vast desolate estate in a treasure quest, with the characters racing to get it first, even after two major murders and televised police investigations, and try to prove the existence of supernatural occurrences with the foremost in scientists, technology and equipment, investigating it far further than anyone has done before ...

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