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For years NASAs Shuttle program provided personnel transportation and cargo lifts to and from the International Space Station. A side effect of those missions was the entertainment those launches and trips provided for million of viewers and it was a sad day when NASA announced the end of those flights. This particular story is centered around that time and NASA had begun their downsizing due to the close of that era. A high earth orbiting telescope recorded an anomaly on the dark side of the moon changing everything and caused NASA to extend the Shuttle Program but in an altered version. NASA would now build a large spacecraft in orbit and return to the moon to investigate the anomaly the telescope had recorded. The Space Shuttles would go through numerous flights to provide the material and building crews that would construct this huge craft. Once the craft was deemed ready, all the shuttles themselves would now become a part of that moon bound mammoths structure. Those astronauts, who flew those final mission to the massive ship would have their shuttle anchored and electronically attached then they would fly that craft on a mission to the moon. Once obit was obtained around the moon, the shuttles and its crews would play an intricate, demanding and unprecedented role in investigating the anomaly.

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