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In this thrilling science fiction classic, author K.D. Wentworth sets the stage for her ground-breaking House of Moons series, introducing Haemas Sennay Tal—the Moonspeaker. Daughter of one of the most powerful families of the mindtalented Kashi, Haemas lived a life of privilege until her life was shattered by a brutal attack on her father and the accusation that she committed the heinous crime. Forced to flee across the forsaken Barrier, she learns that her father’s death was only a small part of a much larger plot to destroy the fabric of reality itself. Haemas must master her extraordinary mindtalents before she is killed—and the fabric of the world is torn asunder. The Pathways of When           The timeways led to infinite Otherwhens . . . but in Haemas's Truewhen, chaos threatened to destroy the timeways forever!          So, said the other mindvoice, now we begin.          She heard the faint tinkle of crystal.          We shall teach you to walk the pathways of When as only a sister may.          The crystalline vibration increased, shrill almost to the point of pain.          You must attune your thoughts.          Haemas felt the ilseri nudge her brain; the sound diminished until it was bearable again, more like the crystalline music on the wind that had lured her from Kevisson’s campsite.  She closed her eyes, sensing currents of force flowing around her, their source the same crystals used by the Kashi for travel since the beginning, but this was a different frequency.  Her heart pounded.  Had this power always been there, waiting to be unlocked, and she just hadn’t known how to look?          Focus on the pathways, Summerstone said softly.  Match the energy of your thoughts to them.          In her mind, it seemed she stood in the center of a vast circle of dancing blue lines radiating outward into infinity.          If you look carefully around the nexus, you will find the lines of truewhen.          Her heart beat faster; she opened her eyes.  The writhing lines all seemed the same, although they led to a thousand scenes, each one varying in some degree from the ones on either side. Review Quotes: "K.D. Wentworth is an uncommonly good writer."- Algis Budrys "...a complex but fascinating society with unusual diversions.... [K.D. Wentworth] is a good storyteller." - Anne McCaffrey "I recommend Moonspeaker to readers who love good fantasy with intriguing aliens, lots of magic, [and] appealing protagonists..." - Sherwood Smith

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2000955453591
    • ISBN:  1230000309651

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