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Mystique always thought she was normal, that everyone only felt fear, loathing, or anger towards others. She found out how wrong she was when she met Angelica Grayson. Angelica’s ability to project her emotions on others had shown Mystique what it felt like to be a whole person and Mystique loved her for it. Even with Angelica hundreds of miles away Mystique could still remember what it was like to have a complete range of emotions.When Lenard Johnson, the biggest crime boss on the planet, decides to kidnap Mystique in order to force Angelica to work for him; Mystique has no other option than to summon Shektee from the depths of hell to help her make sure Angelica is safe. Due to his link with her true master, Daemon Grayson is the only human Shektee has to obey. When Mystique makes it clear that she is going to stay and kill the crime boss; Angelica has Daemon command Shektee to protect Mystique before the two of them leave for their new home planet.Mystique has a new purpose in life, one that she understands and is fully dedicated to. Angelica is a sweet almost innocent girl that people are going to want to control or manipulate. Mystique is going to make sure that doesn’t happen. Mystique still needs to study and catch up on most of her basic social skills but she is already extremely gifted at sneaking and getting into places. Her natural aptitude for killing people combined with her completely indifference towards their deaths makes her the perfect person to punish those that intended Angelica harm. Lenard Johnson was going to be the first but most likely not the last.Mystique and Shektee set out to hunt down Mr. Johnson and quickly realize that their lack of understanding of simple social interactions is going to be a problem. Mystique is forced to contact Bruce Montagu, the young genius that wants to be her boyfriend, for advice and assistance.Bruce and his friends are able to help Mystique develop a plan of attack before going into hiding to avoid the coming conflict. What their plan doesn’t take into account for is Captain Remington of the Federation Marshal’s service psionics division. He has a destroyer in orbit, elite troops using the best armor and weapons the Republic has, and full authority to do whatever it takes to stop Mystique and kill Shektee.Mystique isn’t worried; Remington simply adds a little more challenge to the hunt while Shektee is happy to have more souls to feed on when he attacks. The only restriction either of them really has is that they don’t want to kill anyone whose death would upset Angelica so with that in mind the hunt is on.

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