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Episode 10, Nanotroopers. Johnny Winger and 1st Nano have recovered Doc Frost and Mary Duncan from captivity by Red Hammer. But in trying to extract the halo inside Frost’s skull, the nanotroopers inadvertently release a max rate replication on the Table Top base. It’s called a Big Bang and it threatens not only the base but much of the surrounding countryside. Only quick work by Winger and ANAD enable the threat to be contained. Now being debriefed by Quantum Corps intelligence, Frost informs his rescuers that Red Hammer is an even bigger menace than thought before…the cartel is in contact with an offworld intelligence and has access to their archives. This helps explain why the cartel is always one step ahead of Quantum Corps. But there is a way for Frost and Winger to access the same archives…a small sphere brought back from Kurabantu Island. The sphere turns out to be a small quantum entanglement device, which when contacted, entangles and transports its users to other times and places. The nanotroopers form up a small recon detachment to explore this device…and find themselves transported back in time three billion years, to an ancient swamp. It’s Engebbe, Kenya and when they arrive, they encounter a menace even greater than Red Hammer…it’s a strange swarm entity called Configuration Zero, and its re-writing the history of Life right before their eyes. Follow Johnny Winger, ANAD and his nanotroopers as they try to stop this latest threat.

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