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Mark Preston is a government Exterminator for Sector 7. He and his brother John hunt down dangerous indigenous creatures that survived terraforming on the relatively new planet Salvadon. Business seems to be going as usual until they crash into a mysterious woman, Karen, who joins them by circumstance. Mark finds himself fond of her as time passes, but as their relationship blossoms, he tries to juggle his dangerous career with the thoughts of a family and a future. Thoughts that his brother has long abandoned. His decision becomes even more complicated as he uncovers daunting facts about Karen's mysterious past, as well as secrets within Sector 7 that had been locked and buried away from the galaxy. Secrets that could change the fate of the entire world. (This novel was written several years ago and is set in the same universe as Condemned, Book One of the Deus Ex Machina Series. However, this story, (due to its setting) involves many concepts and additions that couldn't be addressed in Condemned. It is NOT a prequel to Condemned: it only shares many aspects of the setting and some plot elements/characters that I took into Condemned.)

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