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The World has been changing...and fast...since the 1990's as cell phones, computers, and the worldwide Web brought communication/information to anyone, anywhere, anytime. In adapting to these changes, the world had become more transparent...and what it discovered was that Europe, America, and other English speaking countries were living the "good life" with an abundance of food, housing, clothing, education, medical access, public safety, transportation and communication choices, and leisure time while some three billion people were living on less than three dollars a day. Three dollars a day for these three billion people meant living in squalor from over-crowed shelters to cardboard boxes; from soup kitchens to rifling garbage bins; from unsuitable, ill-fitting clothes to being mostly naked; from limited access to no access for education, medicine, safety, transportation, or communication. Since most of this group lived in polluted environments, we may refer to them as living a shitty life. Then on September 11, 2001, a group of that claimed to represent the outcasts of society and their view of the world -wide injustices threw a monkey wrench into the white-gloved tea-time world with the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City... The only problem was that this wake-up call came too late for both the haves and have not's.

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