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It was past midnight in Norway when Dante awoke to find his wife Hannah standing by the bedroom window. She was mesmerized by the red glare and high winds pouring into the bedroom from the Northern Lights. The freakish red tornado that touched down in the small town of Fredrikstad on this particular evening; brought with it much more than just a delightful display from the Aurora Borealis. Follow the story of Hannah and Dante as they become chosen by the forerunners to save as many people as they can from the horror that awaits them. Mutations now walk the planet under the emerald colored sky as the battle between good and evil ensues, who will prevail in this story of love and disaster? Editors comments: The pleasure of this novel is that it is vividly imagined. The reader senses that the writer is really seeing the things he is describing. Thats no small feat. He also has a good instinct for pacing and maintaining suspense. This book was so good that I got to within 15 pages of the end of the book and decided I didnt want it to end, so I started from the beginning and read it a second time just to prolong the ending.

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