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Six Months after the Apocalypse… Adrian will soon discover if the choices he’s made have cost him a son. Even Angela can’t be sure. Neither can the others like her. The powers of the descendants are growing, and so is Safe Haven's awareness of having magic in their midst. Angela is no longer the only seer in Adrian’s camp of survivors…if she ever was. The Aftermath of a Nuclear War Now on the way to Arkansas, these battered refugees will face a more dangerous threat than even the slavers. Furious at the latest bloodshed between lawless groups of humanity, Mother Nature has declared her own war, repeatedly unleashing her fury against all survivors. The apocalypse has never been more lethal as the aftermath of a nuclear confrontation continues to take its toll on what remains of the great American herd. Interactive Bonus! These are a few of the interactive features you'll find in this book, if you look hard enough. A few will be difficult, but most of the answers are given or the clues are simple to solve. Some items are based on the things you've learned while reading this series. View Safe Haven's route of travel Listen to a radio call Find the 7 hidden scenes (83 pages total!) Visit the Cutting Room Floor Take a writing challenge   Need to Know Information Title: Nuclear Ashes Length: 815 pages Author: ©Angela White Publisher: C9 Publications ISBN#: 978-1-9459-2705-8 Next in series: Dystopian Stand (Book 4) Life After War Box sets are now available! Why have more files than you need? Related to series: Alexa’s Travels, Marc and Dog   life after war, armageddon, post apocalyptic survival, dystopian military fiction series, psychics and apocalypse horror, angela white, shtf book,

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