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Ocean Thyme has been dreaming since her 9th birthday that she is taken by a strange girl and forced to do unspeakable things. Now in her late twenties, the dreams are having an unusual effect on her and her girlfriend won't accept any dismissive comments about it. To placate her girlfriend, she soon sees a doctor to understand why she is sleeping standing up, and discovers a small object embedded in her nasal cavity. The doctor suggests surgery, but she is in no hurry to be cut open and takes the weekend off to think about. That night, staying at her mother's house, down on the south coast, she experiences her 8-year-old dream all over again, and is taken by the strange girl. She wakes up on the beach less than a hundred metres from her mother's house in Vincentia, and cluesless as to how she got there and where she's been. As she wanders back to her mother's house, a police officer confronts her about her whereabouts. Thinking she has only been missing a few hours, she is surprised to learn she has been missing far longer and isn't sure how to respond. Her life soon takes a strange turn and plunges her into a nightmare she has no control over. If she cannot find a way to convince the police she is innocent of any complicity in a crime, and keep her girlfriend and her sanity, she will lose everything.

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