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Ollie, a Star Bridge Too Far Synopsis Following on from Ollie and the New Moon, Ollie, Ed, Julie, Sara and Jay, find themselves aboard a sinking super tanker in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on a mission to prevent a major disaster. They learn from two killer whales called Burt and Madge that the Earth is experiencing elevated levels of magnetic interference from the Sun and following a somewhat alcohol-fuelled expedition to Mars, where they turn NASA’s Rover around as a practical joke, they head for the Sun to investigate. It transpires that the graviton explosion inside the Sun, at the end of Ollie and the New Moon has created a Star Bridge to another part of the galaxy, and they must go through the Wormhole to close it down before the solar eruptions destroy the Earth. They have only one week before the Sun’s rotation will cause the coronal mass ejections to become Earth-bound. Unfortunately, the jingoistic Throgloid Captain, Grrghracksh, also made it through the bridge and begins to cause his unique brand of chaos amongst Arnus and the inhabitants of Phorissi, on the other side of the galaxy. The Phorissians turn out to be ancient descendants of the now-extinct Annenians, trapped by a freak accident fifty thousand years ago. The crew are constantly harassed and pursued by Doctor Branith, the UFO hunter who captured and subsequently lost the little ship Annia, in Ollie and the New Moon. The re-capture of the ship has become an obsession for him and he is helped in his quest by the double-crossing crew member Jay, who, realising that he will never win the love of Ollie, has left the gang’s Cornish hideaway with a view to handing their secrets over to the inquisitive doctor. Following endless mishaps, including some serious larking about in the face of a galactic meltdown and a crazy encounter with the incredibly absent-minded creators of all living things, the Gooerd, the crew, ably assisted by their super-intelligent artificial friend Robbie, somehow muddle through against all the odds to save Earth from yet another disaster, despite at one point destroying the entire universe!

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