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    Oliver Jones finds a journal with a message that was transcribed to him fourteen billion years ago. As Oliver attempts to decipher the book, he starts to see beings coexisting in his world but which are invisible to everyone else. The beings are aware that Oliver can see them and an evil gang called Canackers attempts to kill Oliver's twin brother Jessie. Jessie survived, but is in a deep coma. Oliver along with three other teens tries to wake Jessie from his coma by experimenting with witchcraft. The spell goes wrong, and the quartet vanishes from their homes without a trace, leaving the citizens of the small community baffled. Oliver is now trapped in a parallel world; but what has happened to his friends? He quickly realized that every person he meets is the duplicate of someone from his world. He befriended three teens who are the copy of his missing friends. The four begins an amazing quest loaded with perils to help Oliver return to his world. They are being stalked by the sadistic Count Demason and his warriors of Canackers who are after the secretes of the journal Oliver enters a fourteen billion year old kingdom, where documents containing the destiny of every human-being are being kept sealed and protected. Oliver gained an immense amount of knowledge, which includes the answer to a question that has plagued humans since the beginning of time: "Where did we come from and why are we here. Oliver learns he has powers he must master in order to accomplish a task which involves his missing mother, his comatose brother, and thousands of children who are held in captivity inside an old supernatural mansion.

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