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26 more short stories that will amaze you.In Stranger in a Strange Land, Jared Talbert, the Marine commander of a deep space mission, is searching for Celestine, a cargo ship loaded with precious metals that never returned to earth. When he and his crew find the cargo vessel it is derelict and orbiting an uncharted planet, with evidence that it had been attacked before losing communication with home.Jared and his crew are soon attacked by weaponized satellites as their ship the USS Rapier is destroyed and his crew killed. Jared becomes stranded on the planet when his escape craft crash lands, but will he escape certain doom and return home?In Lets Do The Time Warp! A young computer hacker steals a time travel device from a secret underground government facility and uses it to open a bubble in time. He is transported to a planet of undead, where he meets Shannon Dolby—a stranded pilot—and discovers that her sister Lyric has been captured by the undead and he must decide whether to use his time travel device to save Shannons sister, or leave them there and save himself?

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