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Seventeen year old Noah Brookton simply wants a normal life. Although, it seems as he is destined to a life of unrequitedness. While living in a foster home with his brother, Benjamin, Noah derives strength by touching the pendant around his neck. After a violent household encounter, Noah suddenly finds himself in a strange house with no memory of the past week. What Noah does not know is that he is now in the magical land of Oura, a place where the mind flourishes and his destiny may have already been decided. Decisions and darkness lie around every corner after Noah is told by his housemates, Novella and Illacia, that they have been awaiting his presence. Chosen as a Mindwalker; Noah must defeat King Hythis as they navigate towards Lyria a secret place hidden from the king in hope of a rebellion. In this exciting science fiction fantasy, a teenager must learn to trust his inner strength and given powers while attempting to save a magical land from a dark future. There comes a time in every persons life where the person they once were, collides with the person they are going to become.

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