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Erin Conway is an autistic savant whose gift is that of observation. Tortured in the past by a medical group called Opticore she finds herself approached by them once again, this time for a job offer. She quickly discovers the company has expanded its technology far beyond anything that she thought even possible. With new management at Opticore, a machine has been developed that can only be operated by autistic savants who have a specific part of their brain active. This ultimate device allows them to enter into the heart of any book and interact with imagined characters and their environments. The technology behind the system is so advanced, that the United States government immediately gets involved. Erin is introduced to the two core members of the team she will lead. Erin and her team are thrown into various realities to prevent assassinations and chemical warfare as the U.S. Special Forces partner up with the most powerful Intel they could ever hope to have.

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