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In Parallel X, entangled universes, nanobot viruses, DNA manipulation, and the threat of human extinction converge in a gripping story of sacrifice, love, ethics, and scientific research."…a terrific story, with a great premise, sharply drawn characters, and a smooth and engaging writing style." - Gary Braver, author of bestsellers Gray Matter, Skin Deep, and Tunnel Vision (new)Julie Dinsmore, an obstetrician with a stellar background in DNA research, is prepping for an operation when her surroundings dissolve into nothingness. She materializes, along with a hundred other women, in the clinics of the Emergency Fertility Project, under armed guard. She escapes, and finds herself on a world familiar, yet strange.While a fugitive, she learns that she has been ported into a parallel universe, to an Earth where an affliction of the X-chromosome has condemned all female fetuses to die in the womb. A secret government facility has been abducting women from across the void, using their healthy eggs in a desperate attempt to stave off extinction while the EFP researchers look for a cure.Julie discovers the means of returning home. Instead, knowing that her expertise can help the stricken planet, she chooses to turn herself in. She makes a deal with her abductors: freedom and a ticket home for the women in exchange for her services.The head of the EFP has another use for the women, and no intention of releasing them. Instead, he plans to import hundreds more, an action Julie must thwart. The lives of Julie and her team of young researchers are in jeopardy, and she must go on the run again. The stakes escalate when she discovers that the epidemic is deliberately caused and threatens her Earth, too. Time is running out for women on both Earths, and only Julie has ingenuity and inside information to make the difference.

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