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Book Two of The Verity Trilogy. While hiding on Mars, Nomia embarks on an audacious plan to free her brothers and sisters from the organic computer of the Nexus, and cripple MynCorp’s hold over humanity. To succeed she will need to forge an alliance with the deeply compromised Martian independence movement. The Nexus has disturbed a presence in Verity Space even more insidious than MynCorp machinations. Determined to draw MynCorp into the fray, Mex infiltrates the heart of the corporate behemoth, but unwittingly uncovers a sickening truth. Julienne would give anything to restore her ordered life. Anything except the total cleansing demanded by MyncCorp. On the run, she takes refuge amongst the disenfranchised, scraping an existence in a senile building. Even here, her life is inexorably entwined with Mex’s. Drawn and appalled by her emotions, she must decide how far she will go to save him.

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