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Ghosts walk among us. Living, breathing men and women who have given up their names to become shadows in the darkness. These ghosts hunt the dark things that possess and corrupt the souls of the living. Legally dead and newly named, these warriors stand at the threshold between the seen and the unseen worlds. During the Baltic wars, a legendary Marine vanished on the wind of war as a mist sun-struck. Now, thirty years later, Greg Hoyt is drawn out of the shadows of anonymity by his own legend. As an ancient evil struggles to reemerge on the southern shore of Lake Superior, a retired Navy Chaplain hunts for the best retired degausser money can hire to help him dissolve the nightmare. When he finally tracks down a picture of the reclusive Greg Hoyt, he is surprised to find his old seminary classmate staring back at him. Together, they will examine and rebuke the trespasses committed half a millennium ago in order to starve the preternatural beast of its power. But first, they must examine their own souls and heal the rift that grew between them three decades earlier.

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