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Have you ever pondered the 'might-have-beens' of life? Have you ever wondered if your destiny might have taken a different course? Brenda Hayward, former centerfold model, found herself caught up in such a web of 'might-have-been': an alternate future filled with terror, danger, and sheer, unspeakable horror. Trapped in a high-tech hell when an experiment goes badly wrong, she faces a hopeless struggle to save not only herself, but the human race too. Her one resource is her hard-won humanity earned in a lifetime of service. Her one hope is the man who thrust her into this nightmare, the man who interfered in the course of time and turned reality itself on its head, the man whose obsession is destroying him from within. She must save him from himself and the technological abomination they are trapped in if anyone is to get out of this alive!

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