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During the Pleistocene Epoch a mile high and three miles wide wall of ice dammed a vast lake. A lake 3,200 feet deep and had a surface area of 3,400 miles of what is now Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas and a big swath of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. For thousands of years this ice dam contained, confined, trapped and penned this lake. But one day something changed. A change that was inevitable to be sure given the earths naturally fluctuating climate. This change was signaled first by the groans and moans of tortured ice. Followed by a sound that could be heard over 2,000 miles from the source.As events progressed towards the inevitable, a drama was being played out over 1,400 miles away. In an area that would be known as Salem, Oregon a determined and sometimes hungry coyote and a wily rabbit engaged in a daily game. A game of eating and avoiding being eaten. Theyd played this game ever since the coyote first left his den to strike out on his own. And the rabbit had wandered from his little herd to explore the world beyond. The coyote and rabbit on first meeting actually played a game of chase with each other. Soon the natural tendency of a predator to be a predator and prey to be prey emerged. It was no longer an innocent game. Rather one that was deadly serious, especially to the rabbit. Predator and prey, instinct versus instinct, speed versus speed, wit versus wit, day after day. Until one day they felt something. Then heard it. Then saw it. Side by side, predator and prey did the only thing they could do. And they did it together.

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