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When the first alien ambassador to Earth arrives the initial confusion is only the beginning of problems. With the concepts of science, technology, resources, and military might utterly transformed the world is torn between the struggle to adapt and the entrenched forces of the status-quo. As the underpinnings of the old world erode, with the prizes of unimaginable wealth and power on the line, and with the extinction of the species as a looming threat the great powers secretly maneuver and leverage to their advantage.Young, idealistic, and underappreciated Sarah Thompson finds herself at the center of events. Former sales clerk, sometimes artist, and contracted troubleshooter she has no way of knowing that she has been selected for a bigger role. Once on the center stage of the crucible it will take all of Sarahs wit, skill, and training to survive in a world Post First Contact.First book in the Post First Contact trilogy.

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