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On the world of Allden, life has become cruel. From the encroaching desert swallowing whole cities, to the anarchist Cabals and the lawless bands of Broken wandering the Wastes. Nothing is sacred and no one is truly safe. For this reason, the Nomads were created. Fantastic wooden sailing ships and their crews that ply the currents above the barren lands, yet even they are powerless to stop the latest threat and its portent of doom that will shake the very foundation of the world and its people...The sun is collapsing.This is the story of four disparate groups as they struggle to survive the coming cataclysm. Some will band together to restore order from the shadows of corruption, to find a new home for them all among the stars, while others seek to overthrow what they believe cannot be salvaged and bring about a free reign of the people...And one among them sees in everything only demons that must be vanquished, regardless of the outcome to all.Time is running out. Who will survive?

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