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Jordan Sinclair must save Irene Ryan from the evil clutches of Psychorp. Irene Ryan, psychic healer, rescues Jordan, beaten and left for dead on a stormy beach, and drags him into her home. He heals far faster than her skills can account for but before any exchange of information can take place, the murderous Malakai drives them from her small home. With Malakai hard on their heels, sent by Psychorp to fetch Irene for its demented breeding program, Irene stops at her family's estate to retrieve her father's biggest secret, the origins and documentation of the family history. Knowing her family history, and the strange quirks that go with it, Irene faces the intense attraction between her and Jordan, knowing she has found her true mate. Malakai tracks them to the estate and discovers Psychorp director Donald Sutton has sent Major Saunders after him! After the clash of evil forces, Irene attempts to heal the severely injured Malakai. As a healer, she can't just leave him there, possibly dying, despite Jordan's insistence. She does as much as she dares, healing his physical injuries and, hopefully, deeper injuries to his mind. In a dream-like confrontation, Malakai abandons his mission and disappears, leaving Irene and Jordan to their journey, each wondering when he will appear again. Will Malakai return? Are they truly free of him and Psychorp?

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