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Two short stories preceding the upcoming novel Psychonaut: The Nexus.Reality Within:After weeks of terrorizing, the mysterious man in black finally pays a formal visit to the ageing Master Eemos. What he reveals to the ingenious master is no less than the edge of reality.The Infinite Mind:It just… appeared – floating in the middle of Washington Square Park. According to its logs, the probe had found a world. An alien world. A world with intelligent life.Whoever the bastards who sent back the probe were, however, sure know how to travel. Not just how to jump over distances, but instantly appear.Initially we had no idea if that’s how the probe ended up back on our planet, but it sure looked that way. It was simply there. Instantly.I was the first man sent near it. Of course, humans beings humans, most of us thought it was a bomb. A nuke. An extinction-event propellant that will extinguish all our lives in a matter of seconds. But what the probe carried was quite something else than a bomb...

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