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Realia: E Pluribus Unum. Its not just Science Fiction any more. The God Particle is discovered in 2012 by the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland, the largest and most expensive Scientific Experiment in history. The governments of the world attempt to exploit the powers of the most fundamental particle and the keystone of the universe, but they are thwarted by a 10 yr old Tibetan Monk by the name of Kundun Gyaltso.The year is 2042 A.D., and the world is changing rapidly not only due to the God Particles release but also because of the young monks invention of a REAL-D mandala machine that can imitate reality so much that audiences all over the world are swept away, literally.This story is based on all the possibilities that will be released upon civilization as soon as more information about the God Particle is uncovered over the coming years. Brace yourself. The Universe is a strange place with many more dimensions than just three and time travel is possible, although highly problematic. The probability that your life will be changed by the information in this book is extremely high. You must NOT give away the ending.

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