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Recycle, a Science Fantasy Love Story.You are Jonathan Thomas living in the present.You are a typical, ageing, philandering male vainly trying to recapture that lost feeling of your very first sexual conquest.Take now; you sit up on-elbow admiring Samantha, nubile, young, your latest conquest asleep beside you in her bed. You feel good; another arrow has been shot from your bow, another notch on your staff of life but when you leave for work today, you will cease to exist in our time.=============You are Magda.You live in a far future when our world is but a faded memory. You know nothing about babies, youth or men since you are 85 years old, yet look young and beautiful. You take it all for granted and construct playmen to please you, construct them from recycled parts using Tintel, a huge computer, you do. Its artificial, you know, but when artificial has been used for a very long time it becomes natural. This day will be exciting you think as you rise and shower.Your latest playman, number 256, will be the best one yet in your long line of experiments.Fate has dealt you both a cruel, loving hand that will change your world forever.

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