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    Aaron Payne is a typical urban professional running away from his impoverished past. Intelligent and pragmatic, he rises above grocery budgets and the low expectations of his peers. Buried in corporate middle management, he molds himself into the sort who climbs the ladder to the corner office and social respectability. Seemingly by coincidence, he meets Miranda Reed, a beautiful gentrified heiress who is as comfortable in the board room of her family's conglomerate as she is at a charity fundraiser. Though their relationship is awkward, he believes she is the key until unforeseen events throw his life into upheaval. By chance, he crosses paths with an enigmatic publisher, Claire Vinson who becomes entangled in an ensuing mystery as Aaron begins to remember pieces of another existence that will pull him into a maze of shifting time and past lives. In pursuit of 'who he is', Aaron soon becomes the pursued after ignoring his mentor, Dalia Hunsaker. She warns him "...even goodness has its limitations." Prophetic in tone, Remembering Olympus is a mystical revelation that peels back the layers of certainty, challenges perceptions of reality, and gets to the question: Are humans more than mere mortals?

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