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Its hard enough building a life on a new planet, but when youre faced with dissension in your own tribe, you have to decide and decide quickly just how far youre prepared to go.Sivon is half Bandonese, half human. Her mother was one of ten female survivors when their craft crashed on a farm in rural Colorado. Now she is running from one of her own people, risking everything for love and the things she believes in.Mozzik, the self-appointed leader of the Bandosapiens, has his own agenda, and Sivon has just crossed the line. Hes out to find her, to eliminate the risk shes flirting with and to assert his control once more over the whole tribe.But sometimes power is about more than control. Doing the right thing can be the most powerful thing in the Sivon is about to find out.If Mozzik doesnt kill her first.

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