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Resurrection World, the Eden Project is a pre-Apocalypse science fiction novel about groups of humans who are resurrected on a terraformed world. The Eden Project is an effort by the Federation of Space-Faring Sentient Races to avoid an approaching extinction event to the humans on Earth. The first, and largest group of humans died in London during the Black Plague, and the second group died in the Battle of Gettysburg and on a convict ship that sunk off Australia in the same year. When the third group died in London and Pearl Harbor in December 1941, they were harvested in a final attempt to save the human race from a looming extinction event. After the Royal Navy's Fleet's secret weapon destroyed the barbarian airship, nothing stands between the fleet and the rebel colony. Bombardment of Bristol City will start at dawn tomorrow. Half of the Royal Marine landing forces have disembarked south of the city, and will attack the defenders from the rear, when the signal rocket shows the bombardment has lifted. That signal will also start the landings by the main Marine forces. No mercy will be shown the rebels, or their barbarian allies. The American Republic's prototype Battle Cruiser's six guns are now the only thing left to confront the Royal Navy fleet's 480 guns.

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