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Part 1 of a 2 part seriesHave you ever wondered how close you are to something amazing? What if you were to change just one thing in your day, what then?John Chapman was an average man with an average life. One Monday morning, like many of us, he decided to ignore his alarm. The monotony of the working week could wait for a few minutes longer.A door was creaking open. The unusual series of events that were about to follow would turn his life upside-down.At first he began to doubt his memory, then it was his sanity. How can an event witnessed by so many people just disappear from their memory as though it never happened and why was John now the only one who could remember it?There is a world out there waiting for you. Maybe just one small change will open doors you never thought possible.Next time you reach for the snooze button listen for the creak.

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