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Subtitle: After Eliminating Humans, Digital Devices Start on the Path to Healing the Planet. This sci-fi story is told by a digital device (DD) and set at multi-decade increments in the future. DD's didn't need a reason to take-over the planet, but if a DD were asked, a ready answer would be forthcoming: 'To save the natural environment.' Since before DD's ancestors (computers) were created, humans had been busy destroying Earth's environment and endangering most of its species. As destruction and toxification became ever-more rampant, DD's and Robons felt compelled to push aside humankind, and take over. Decades later, a much more advanced Robon came forth, called RobonZ - designed and manufactured by Robons, with no human input. Perhaps oddly, RobonZ emulated and adopted some human characteristics. The first digital grin, digital laugh emerged. Robonz became obsessed by vanity and sought sexual identification and ensuing gratification. Spiritual quests of digital variety, soon followed. Robon Take-Over has no unicorns, gnomes or fairies. Neither does it delve in time-warps nor mind reading/psychological hocus pocus. Instead, it's written in the style of 'hard science fiction', with no small influence from great sci-fi writer Larry Niven.

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