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SEX QUESTS "Gene Raid" In a post-apocalyptic, post-global-warming northern Canada, three intrepid adventurers, a bookish ecologist, a broad-chested, handsome hunter, and a disabled inventor, set out from their isolated home, the fertile valley of Erlandsland, to scour the uncharted wilderness for wives to bring back and replenish their community's in-bred gene pool. In the far north on the coast of the ice-free Arctic Ocean, they are tricked by a community of fisher-folk living amongst the detritus of a lost civilization, in the plains caribou-wintering grounds, they help a tribe of nomads, caribou-hunters, defeat a rapacious enemy, only to be chased off by the tribe’s clannish women, and in the polluted south, taken captive and enslaved by a cruel, regimented society, they meet the wild, genetically-varied horse-women of their dreams. Their escape will require ingenuity, daring, and courage. "Natural Woman" In a world of Curlicue buildings, Waterfall buildings, Fireworks buildings, Lightning buildings, Trombone buildings, where you can 3D-print your house, and where plastic surgery and genetic science can re-fashion and contort the human body in any way imaginable, where animals and plants are genetically-manipulated hippogriffs and chimera out of warped scientists dreams and rich peoples' jaded fantasies, a young woman who wants no part of it all tries to negotiate a place for herself, a place where she might feel at home—when one hungover morning, she sights the most perfectly natural man she has ever seen—as he steps into his magno-car and zips away on the monorail. In the course of finagling her way up through the social pecking order to track him down, she learns something about herself, about society, and about life, in the process.

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