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"It’s about a choice – one choice that makes all the difference.” These words echo across the stirring saga Sheep Among Wolves by Tony Harmon and Wayne Yeager.  Planets are set ablaze in a crusade to find a mysterious artifact which could change the course of a galaxy.   While a government seeks to impose its will upon all of creation, one of its greatest heroes ponders the validity of his actions and must choose whether to continue to follow orders.  A young man comes to grips with his family history and chooses to discover the secret his parents kept from him for years. Tired of serving a propaganda machine, a reporter makes the choice to follow a lead that could shatter every perception he has carried his entire career. Gripped by visions of a mysterious old man, a warrior struggles to understand his role in the epic conflict and the destiny that awaits him. His decisions will shape the outcome of an ongoing war. Freedom fighters, heroic knights, courageous monks, sinister agents, and unstoppable military might collide across multiple fronts in a battle for control.   Their choices, and one choice made long ago, will determine the future of everyone.  

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