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Their choices have cost them.Once Unity officers, paladins, doctors, monks, diplomats, journalists, and more, they are now collectively known under one title: fugitive.Captain Vanderhaste leads his rebel crew into the deep recesses of wild space hoping to skirt the grasp of the unescapable Unified Body of Worlds but finds a new foe in the form of opportunistic pirates.Former Unity strategist Colonel Varmonte prepares the New Genesis monks for battle against a deadly Unity task force while Harnge Smythe explores his new faith and its price.Jordan Vale struggles most of all. His mentor is dead and his paladin order is in ruins. The Freelander base on Bahtu burns as the crew of the Deliverance is blamed for unleashing a horrible plague. A mysterious new player waits to ambush his crew in an encounter that will unravel secrets to his powerful visions and introduce someone who may have the answers to Jordans questions.Wolves hunt them all seeking to devour the hope birthed through the child, Adam Baxter, at the heart of the struggle.Each of the fugitives are heading toward a gathering that will catapult the Sheep Among Wolves saga into a conflict, battling for the very soul of the galaxy.

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