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    The year is 2273 and the United States’ prison system is the largest industry on the planet and the de facto rulers are the wardens who run them. Hiram Macdinton is a troubled genius working for a secretive hi-tech firm whose cutting edge use of Holographic physics may just save the human race from self extinction and quadruple the US prison systems inmate count. Hiram’s passion to make his astonishing scientific insights a reality and solve the Earth’s desperate predicament is matched only by his emotional flaws and love of boozing. But his enigmatic boss has his own agenda and Hiram is forced to sell his precious technology to the highest bidders, the wardens, whose motives have little to do with the plight of the planet. Shrink Zones is an edge-of-your-seat Science Fiction thriller driven by larger than life characters whose personal problems and flawed relationships directly impact the future of planet Earth and every living human being on it.

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