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    On February 3rd, Ava lost everything. Her mother was killed by soldiers, her home was burnt to ash, and her best friend Miles was taken. She was left alone in a land of ruin. She set off through the wilderness of the oppressed country she loved, resolved to find Miles as she met allies along the way. Her greatest ally was a pirate captain with silver hair, a young man named Louis Rochester who had been kissed by moonlight that was absent from the world. Despite her determination to find Miles, Ava fell in love. But the hardest feat that Louis Rochester's love ever endured was letting Ava go. She would only realize her love for him later, when it was too late. She would ride through seven months of imprisonment, death, loss, and war. She would find that Miles and Louis were the last Children of the Tribe of Admon, but she was the only one that silver follows.

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