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Empath Kayla John Reeds rebel forces, the War Minstrels, had struck a crucial blow at the heart of Yates Kellers empire, conquering the Alliance capital, Vardalia. It should have been Kaylas moment of triumph. But Vardalia was a shambles, and not only had Yates himself escaped, he claimed to have her friends and shipmates in his clutches.Kayla had no choice but to agree to the terms hed left in a holographic message. Meet him on their home world, the mining colony Styx, surrender the fabled Mindstone to him, and Keller would release her friends. Yet even as she set off for the rendezvous point, trouble was brewing among the War Minstrels—trouble that could transform their successful revolution into the deadliest kind of anarchy if she didnt make it back in time. And what Kayla had no way of know foreseeing was that Styx itself hid a peril far greater than any trap Keller had planned for her...Come follow Kaylas continuing adventures in another great story, the third in the War Minstrels series. First published by DAW, ReAnimus Press is pleased to bring you a series youll enjoy.About the AuthorKaren Haber is the author of nine novels including Star Trek Voyager: Bless the Beasts, and co-author of Science of the X-Men. She is a Hugo Award nominee, nominated for Meditations on Middle Earth, an essay collection celebrating J.R.R. Tolkien.Her recent work includes Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art, and Crossing Infinity, a YA science fiction novel. Her other publications include Exploring the Matrix, Kong Unbound, and Transitions: Todd Lockwood, a book-length retrospective of the artists work.Her short fiction has appeared in Asimovs Science Fiction Magazine, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and many anthologies. With her husband, Robert Silverberg, she co-edited Best Science Fiction of 2001, 2002, and the Best Fantasy of 2001 and 2002. Later she co-edited the series with Jonathan Strahan through 2004. She reviews art books for Locus Magazine. She lives in Oakland, California.

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