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For five million years the Galaxy has hidden a great secret; one that will ultimately change the course of the Known Worlds. That secret has now been solved and the beacon has been activated.The key players in unlocking the mystery have now separated. Professor Bryik has returned to Earth in an attempt to discover how the monument and the Solestarans have influenced history; and in doing so uncovers the truth behind one of the greatest legends of all time.The crew of the Babarosa have once again returned to Solicia in answer to a summons by Shaval. The Historian has lost his crystal and sends the Alliance crew after the Pirates to return what they have stolen. The Pirates, however, have their eyes set on more than selling a stolen crystal. They want the information contained in Alran’s database and will stop at nothing to get it.Amidst all of this turmoil the Solestarans return from the Andromeda Galaxy, but are their intentions as innocent as they appear? The course of the Known Worlds is indeed changing, but in what direction?

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