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The adventure continues as Tim rescues an alien damsel in distress. With the ship in need of food stores, thanks to Lola and her fiasco in the hydroponics lab, the green girl leads them to a nearby trade planet. But the trade aliens seem a little too interested in Valesque for Tim and Sanics comfort. When she goes missing it is up to them to retrace her last few hours aboard ship, and they become quite disturbed when they find much more than they bargainedfor in the secret recesses of the ships twisting corridors."Who dares disturb my lair?" an eerie, watery voice demanded from behind them. Tim and Sanic spun in alarm at the unexpected sound, only to be confrontedby an even more unnerving sight.Floating in the air was the dark figure of a woman, hands raised with pointed, claw-like nails aimed at them as they stood in shock below her.Space Trippers is a fun Sci-Fi series.Valesque Rhaugh is a Virrilian Engineer, banished from her home planet for allegedly selling weapons to the humans. She lives a quiet life, moving from place to place and constructing new gadgets. Lately she has been living undercover in hostile Earthian territory, constructing her latest project; a state-of-the-art scientific exploration vessel.The corrupt Earthian organization, the I.P.A. has sought control of her inventions before, but she had always turned them down flat. One determined General has now set his sights on her unfinished ship. In one fateful day he has her unarmed vessel taken over and ordered out for war duty, against her people! Worse yet, they shanghaied her as part of the crew!When she wakes up, three days after launch, kidnapped on her own vessel, her nightmare has only just begun. Soon she discovers a sinister secret as her long lost device, the Space Tripper activates and sends them all hurtling into the unknown.When the crew finds themselves stranded in uncharted space all fingers point at her. Can she figure out what is happening in time? Or will they all be destroyed by her own hand?Our short-tempered heroine is reluctantly befriended by a very flirty pilot, a shy young genius, an air headed android and a suspicious alien girl found drifting in space.But can these people be trusted? With everyones lives on the line can she figure out who to trust, who not to and how to get them all home?Find out in the Space Trippers series, where espionage, love triangles and hidden identities abound. As well as a generous smattering of humor as tempers and personalities collide!A fun, light series. Each book in the series follows the next in this episodic adventure. Each stop on the continuing journey delves a little deeper into the pasts, feelings and motives of each character as the entire story begins to unfold.

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