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"Star-Crossed" is a story of a technological and medical miracle - of two people who never could have known each other, living at opposite ends of the country, and yet when they meet, find pieces of them have been floating around inside their minds for years. This is their saga, of individuals who are so psychically connected, that their physiologies have become bonded to each other. The problem is - one of them is dying - and if that person dies, they both die. This story chronicles the extraordinary, advanced, high-tech medical efforts of a futuristic experimental facility to try to keep them both alive through the most trying & desperate conditions, all the while, a group of indiviiduals is trying to halt the process through every mechanism they can, to gain the wealthy estate of the dying people. This is an adventure portraying the desperate struggle of good verses evil, of virtue and hope against cynicism and avarice. An award-winning novel by acclaimed author-psychologist, R. Vincent Riccio.

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