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Can a man fall in love with a humanoid and never know until it’s too late? Charles Dorian, is the youngest Captain given duty on the one of a kind space ship, Star Splitter. He’s in charge of a mission to split suns which come too close to earth. Captain Dorian’s only desire is to devote his life to his ship and crew and he made that official when he signed a pledge to live and die on his ship. Charles Dorian is twenty five and he’s never been with a female or ever wanted to be because he knew that he could not offer her anything beyond a life aboard the Star Splitter. The day Jessie sets foot on his ship she was all of eighteen and he’s cautious of her because all his attention is now focused on her. He can’t think or carry out his duties and he tries to avoid her and he did for five years. But one evening he discovered that she is irresistible and he can no longer keep a pledge to himself. That is the day he learned how empty his life had been, and that is the day his life will be torn apart and changed. Jessie is now twenty-three and five long years have passed and it appeared to her that Captain Dorian never knew she existed. All she wanted was him to notice her and he did on a fateful day when they looked into each other’s eyes. But Jessie has a secret that will turn their lives upside down and place everyone aboard the Star Splitter in jeopardy.

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