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As far as Starflake knew, she had always lived on an asteroid among those oozing blobs called jellies. She follows the herd, riding on their backs and, although she can never extend her arms the way they do, she believes she is one of them. Then, one day, she was brought to the great Jelly, Bonoguro, and he explains to her that she is a humanoid, a girl with long white hair, pointed elflike ears strikingly pretty features. She isn’t human. She can live in outer space without any life support, but she resembles an eleven-year-old human girl. When a human family comes to her asteroid to milk the jellies, Starflake realizes the girl, Molly, is very much like her and shows herself to the girl who lives beneath a bubble. They became companions until Molly and her parents return home. But this is only the beginning of Starflake’s new life as a Starbabe. A zoo ship crashes on her asteroid releasing a flying dragon. Starflake trains the dragon to become her mount until the zoo ship, whose final destination is Thrill World, captures both of them. Forced to clean cages of the bizarre beasts bound for a planetary zoo, Starflake endures these hardships until she is able to escape. Eventually, with Molly’s help, she tracks her dragon to Thrill World. Thrill World is a planet designed by Jonas Grebe, to be a haven for children who have been infected with alien diseases. While they are cared for, in a huge hospital complex, they are able to enjoy themselves by visiting the nearby zoo and ride the incredible amusements at the park. But Jonas’ son, Boss Grebe, who now runs the complex, has allowed the park to degenerate into a shantytown where smugglers prowl the streets in search of children to sell into slavery. Starflake has made a friend of Costas, an undercover Deep Space Ranger, and is determined to expose Boss Grebe’s nefarious plans to the ranger but there are spies and traitors everywhere. Even her dear friend Molly cannot be trusted because of the shape-shifters, one of who has attempted to get close to Starflake, disguised as Molly. In time, Starflake becomes a celebrity to the children and in order to demonstrate her ability to live in any environment without any aids, she dives into an aquarium tank to swim with ease among the unusual sea beasts. She stays underwater like a mermaid, but when she leaves the tank she finds a fully armed captain and a crewmember from the zoo ship waiting for her, to either recapture her or end her life. This ends volume one of a two-part adventure.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020100387403
    • ISBN:  9781370616558

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