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Confronted by her worst enemies, Captain Klegg and his first mate Amy Brogan, Starflake calls for Costas, the Deep Space Ranger working undercover as Starflake’s brother. Realizing this is the worst time to take their revenge on the Starbabe, Klegg and Brogan leave. However, the arrival of the zoo ship on Thrill world means that Starflake’s flying dragon, Daphne, was also on the planet. While Molly works as a candy stripper at the Children’s hospital, Boss Grebe offers to make Starflake the official greeter for star ships arriving on Thrill World. Aboard Daphne, she would guide the ships into port. She was especially anxious to guide the ship of engineers to port because they were the people who would turn the Thrill World into the paradise it once had been and get rid of the child stealing Doggers who prowled the amusement park and zoo. But their ship has vanished. Concerned about the engineers she confides her concerns to Molly but after a short chat, Starflake realizes who she thought was her close friend is not Molly but an imposter. She exposes the false Molly who turns out to be Btrxx, one of the four shape changing sisters. Btrxx tells Starflake she was asked to gather information by the head nurse. Starflake asks Btrxx to remain in the guise of Molly while she tries to find out where the real Molly is being held. The two of them begin a search for Molly and accidentally overhear a meeting with Boss Grebe and Klegg and Brogan. Boss Grebe never intended to renovate Thrill World. He plans to keep the money for the renovation. After finding the real Molly, with Costa’s help, the three of them escape to the faux western town of Unexpected. Molly and Star become members of the town and friends with the sheriff and his family. They even go to a dance. But there are Doggers in the town and the girls are forced to hide in a cave to escape the smugglers. Brogan, who turns out to be an undercover Deep Space Ranger, saves them. Her contact, of course, is Costas. After taking Molly on a ride with Daphne, they are forced by Klegg’s ship to land at Boss Grebe’s mansion. But they escape before Grebe is able to do them harm and take refuge in the amusement park. There, Grebe catches up to them at the Merlin exhibit, however, Merlin reveals himself to be Grebe’s father Jonas Grebe, the man who had first built Thrill World. He shames his son into surrendering to the Deep Space Rangers and swears to take over the renovation of Thrill World. Ten years later Star returns to Thrill World to find that Jonas Grebe has kept his promise. As a Starbabe, Star has not aged at all but her friend Molly, now a doctor at the children’s hospital, has become a beautiful young woman. She is married and when her husband arrives, Star is delighted to discover it is Costas.

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